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Event-O-Matic is a great little WordPress Plugin that allows you to accept user-submitted events that you can review and publish on your website. Venues are automatically approved via the Google Geocoding API and events are automatically added into a list for public viewing.

Submit all questions about the Event-O-Matic to the support forums on WordPress.org. They will get a fast response there.

Event-O-Matic Quick Start Guide

The Event-O-Matic is the best WordPress Plugin to moderate and feature events submitted by visitors to your site. Activate the plugin and add some simple shortcode to select pages and you will be ready to accept submissions.

Add the shortcode [eom-public-form] on the page where you would like the event submission form to be placed. The form is a two-stage process that first asks for the user’s email address and then begins the quick process of requesting event information. Event information requested:

  • Event Name
  • Event Description
  • Event Starting and Ending time
  • Location (either selected from a drop down or by adding a new unique address)
  • Event Price (optional)
  • Event image url (optional)
  • Event link (optional)

Users enter in this information and click submit. Site Administrators will receive an email each time a user has submitted an event.

Approve events within the eom admin page. All approved upcoming events will appear on your website where you have added the [eom-events] shortcode. Past events can be viewed on your website if you add [eom-events when=”archives”] to a page.

Shortcode Reference

  • [eom-events] – Upcoming Event Listings
  • [eom-events when=”archives”] – Archived Event Listings
  • [eom-venues] – Event Venues
  • [eom-form] – Event Submission Form


41 Responses to Event-O-Matic



Very nice plugin. I noticed that in the sidebar widget, the listed events don’t link back to their full detail posts–is there a way to enable that?



Hi Brett, I’m glad you enjoy.
You’ve noticed an item that is at the top of the list of future fixes.
I’ll need to develop a way to have wordpress recognize the location of wherever the user has chosen to place the [eom-listings] shortcode so I can create links to the event pages from elsewhere in the site. This is a bit of a challenge, however I am looking into solutions now.


I love this plugin, however the widget could use some enhancments. It will be great to be able to select certain number of events to display and from all veneus, and events should to be hyperlinked.

Kevin Briscoe

I have just installed this and it is almost exactly what I have been looking for.
On the display of up-coming events is there a way to split out events according to their month? So a sub-head that says July and then the July events, and then a header that says August followed by the August events?
Also, is there a way of restricting how many characters contributors can input for an event, and then a link for them to enhance their listing for a fee, maybe linked to Paypal?
I’ve not made this live yet but will probably do so in the next few days


The sub heads is a good idea. I’m actually looking for smarter ways to pare down event data into a more organized format. I’ll look into this.
The max characters is set at 1000, but this is an option that may be able to be set in future releases. I’ll look into this too.
What enhancements would you consider a user would pay for? Any ideas?

Kevin Briscoe

Hi Matt
thanks for the response. Mine is a community newspaper site and I would like to offer people the chance to have their listing turned into maybe a small display ad, or a highlighted link at the top (like a sponsored tweet on twitter for example).
I have just been playing with this a little and it is now telling me that addresses I put in when I am testing the submission form are invalid – it worked last night though. Any ideas why that might be? If I select a venue from the drop down that works, but that’s not what I am after.


Check and make sure the address is resolving in Google. Only valid venue address are allowed, and they must be of a certain specificity to be entered into the system (for instance, a city name alone wont work, but a street address with a city name should resolve). Also, no duplicate addresses are allowed. If one address is already in the system, you can’t re-add it.

Kevin Briscoe

OK, it is not recognising several different addresses of venues in my area that people will want to use. Is there any way of disabling that so people can just input any address, whether it is a repeat or not, so that we can then approve it. Too many people are going to get the error message at present and will just give up on it.


Repeats aren’t allowed. Its a critical function of the system that only well formed addresses be keyed into the eom. List the address that wont work for you.

Kevin Briscoe

These are just two public buildings where events are held that wouldn’t be recognised.
Sarisbury Green Community Centre, The Green, Sarisbury, SO31 7AA
Ferneham Hall, Osborn Road, Fareham, PO16 7DB


Hmm. Is there not a specific address for each of these locations? It looks like either one fails to have a street number or other specific identifier.

This is a good tutorial for me on improving the internationalizing of address formats.

Kevin Briscoe

this is often the case in the UK – I’m guessing you are not in the UK? Venues such as community centres, concert halls, etc don’t usually have street numbers etc. They have a postcode but that doesn’t seem to be enough for the identifier. But also when members of the public are inputting their event they are often talking about a very familiar venue in their immediate neighbourhood that most other people would also know. But they probably wouldn’t know very detailed information like street number (if there is one) or even the post code.
That’s why I think that for this to work (for my needs at least) it needs free entry of the venue whether it has been inputted before or not and regardless of whether it meets the identifier criteria. If inputters are bounced and don’t know why – when in their eyes they have put the right venue in – they will just give up on the system.


Hey Matt. Event O Matic is working great for me in many ways, however since we are in Cuenca, Ecuador, for most addresses, there is NO address. Normal addresses here are the crossing of two streets, for example: Broadway at Main St. This doesn’t work at all with the google mapping piece for creating Venue listings. Anyway to opt out of this feature? Also, if an event is cancelled, how can I eliminate the event once it is approved?


I’ll look into that. To delete cancelled events, select it within the Admin Screen and click Delete at the bottom of the page.


Hi Matt, love the plugin. The only way it could be better is if I could allow image uploads (rather than URLs) and enable html tags in the description field. Are these things I can enable on my own? Also the ability to easily add fields to the submission form would be great. Thanks again for the plugin!


Image uploads may be difficult. This would require utilizing the existing WordPress image & media system, which may not be possible from an untrusted client. I’m not too sure how much I’d like someone uploading files into my host that I don’t implicitly trust. While it is possible, it will be a huge dev task and may be down the road before it can be addressed.

HTML Tags may be more manageable, others have requested it as well and I am considering how it could be implemented.

I’ll be setting up a new thread in the EoM WP Forums where users can suggest new features for EoM 2.5.


Thanks Matt,

I am also having a problem with all events appearing on the events page. I know I am using the right short-code and have made sure that events are set to the correct status. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be great!


Which events are appearing and which events do you want to see appear on the page?


Seth, this should be updated. Download the new version.


What a shame – Seems a really nice plugin and a lot of effort gone into it but cannot get it to accept our address or virtually any that I enter – Which naturally means that it doesnt really work and hence I cannot use it on the site.

I really wish I could bypass the lookup feature somehow as this is exactly what I need


Paul, what issues are you having with the addresses?


This plugin is a very excellent work.. I really love it. and its working great for me.. I found a way to disable the Address lookup.. so it accepts any address..
I think this should be very easy for you.. so that in your next release you can create an option to disable the feature..
I live in a place where google map may not be able to find the address correctly… I tried several different addresses and all failed..
So i found a way into your plugin to disable that feature…
Thanks for this great plugin… I’ll rate you 5 star..

Bob T.

The prime reason for me attempting to put up a blog on my heavily trafficked website was to ENABLE VISITORS TO POST EVENTS TO OUR SITE… This has been a nightmare and has consumed a day and a half trying so solve the problem with VENUES… It is an impossible task! When we enter a location like Route 7, Manchester, VT 05254 is produces an error… There is NO BUILDING NUMBER, etc. for the events we are posting… e.g. Marathons, Street Fairs, Farmer’s Market’s, etc.???????????????

First of all… the zip code should not be necessary… even Google doesn’t require it.. And, all of our tests placing venues are acceptable to Google, but not to Event-O-Matic, which is not O-Matic. We post many, many, events statewide with the same locations, year-round…. Any suggestions?????
Resolving this will be much appreciated, although I don’t believe it can be resolved given the present requirements.


Hi Matt
In reply to my question – Thanks for the reply BTW —

Basically no matter what address I put in to the Add venue or Add address (in the form) I get an error that says.

Please select a venue from the list or add a venue name and address – No matter what I key in I get that error.


hey matt, this plugin is exactly what I’m looking for, except for one small issue. The short code for the submission form automatically sets the form at the very top of the page, regardless of where I insert the code. I don’t know a whole lot about coding, is there any way to set this so the form goes where I place it?


Glad you enjoy the plugin. This issue with the form appearing above content is a bug that I’ll be fixing very shortly in the next release. Stay tuned and it will be fixed.

Abner Garcia

When creating a new venue I got this error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/entecre0/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/event-o-matic/venue.php on line 78

I’m located in Puerto Rico (Caribbean) how can I fix this. Google maps is fully functional here!! thank you


It looks like your host or server doesn’t have cURL enabled.

See if you can turn it on and the script should run flawlessly.


Hi Matt,
An excellent plugin, shame about the Google maps.
Like Kevin Briscoe (see comment June 13) and many of the above comments, I am having the same problem with Google maps and therefore I can not used it, which is a shame because I like the plugin.
If you added the facility to enable/disable Google maps that would solve the problem for many, many users and would be users.
I do hope you consider the suggestion.


Perhaps. Again, there are plenty of event managers that aren’t location aware. Don’t need the location management? Try one of those.


Is there a way to attach catagories to the events so eventually if you have catagories to events you can post only events that are specifically to that catagory.


Can’t figure out why I can’t create a venue, I keep getting this message:

Invalid Venue. Check address and resubmit.
Error encountered during lookup. Over daily lookup quota.

Here is the address I’m trying to add, “852 NW Brooks St, Bend, OR 97701″

Do I need to include my google map api in the themes header, or do I add it to the venue.php? I’ve tried both yet still get same message, perhaps I’m doing it wrong? Please advise. Thank you in advance!


Confirm that the site you are installing the EOM isn’t over using the lookup function.


Hi Matt,

Wondering if you can help me…

I’m loving this plugin, and so far, love the locations feature.

The only problem I’m having is when the plugin is interacted with on the backend or on the front-end as a user, when submitting events, it chucks out a stack of visible code that you have to scroll down past to get back to the intended copy of the website and confirming an event.

This happens regardless of whether the event/venue is successfully added or not.. any ideas?

I’m using the Amphion Lite Theme on WP 3.2.1.


Have you upgraded to the latest version?


Should be, I only started using the plugin yesterday. Downloaded it fresh of Wp. Assume that would be the latest?


Yip, I’m using 2.4.


I downloaded it for the first time, off WP, the same day I posted here. It should be the latest then by default, no? 2.4, if memory serves correct.


Matt, this is the plugin that I have been looking for! Things are working great except I am having the same issue as Andre. When a new event is added, the script is sending the array data to the screen. I’m using 2.4 with WP 3.2.1.



Brian, please re-download 2.4 and you should be all set. Sorry for the issues.